Dear All
I have recently been in discussions with Micheal Butler who is wondering if club members may be interested in gaining bulk discounts on a number of cycling products detailed in the list below. I would be happy to coordinate this between the club and Micheal if you could message me with items etc.

Initially I wanted to try a bulk order of velotoze aero overshoes. So would be especially interested if you would like some of these at discount.

Post by Colin Robinson


A brief description of a few of the brands..

Velotoze everybody knows.

Juice Lubes do everything maintenance wise cleaner standard/concentrate, concentrate makes 10x cleaner or used neat to degrease. Lots of different chain lubes, maintenance spray, polish, brushes, chain cleaner and tubeless sealant etc etc. Id highly recommend the ‘frame juice’ I use it and the stuff is amazing at making your bike look like new after cleaning! Also makes cleaning in the future easier. Chapaeu make a lot of clothing which I’m aware you guys are generally sorted for, however they also do chamois cream, warm up oil etc and a large collection of cycling caps!

Widget do bar tape, brake pads rim/disc, cables and mudguards etc

Speedsleev are a new take of the traditional saddle bag, I like the look of and will be getting one to try for sure.

ESI make the very popular silicone grips that come on many mtb’s. I know mine did and I much prefer them to standard grips. They also now make bar tape too.

Chimpanzee make completely natural energy bars and chews, vegetarian and vegan options too! (website isn’t great)

I will be doing this along side a mobile bike fitting service very soon, using all the skills and experience I’ve gained as a fitter for last few years. Alongside this I’ll also be doing a small amount of bike maintenance too. But keep this quite for the moment, as this will al be ‘launched’ soon..


VeloToze makes road bike shoe covers and helmet covers that are waterproof, aero, and lightweight to help cyclists Outsmart The Elements.

Juice Lubes

The most complete range of bicycle maintenance products available from one single brand.


These guys offer a full range of men’s and women’s clothing and many accessories too. Very cool cycling caps, to chamois cream and even coffee!

Widget Components

Bar tape, cables, brake pads, mud guards and more!


Helmets and eye wear


A better way to carry essentials on the bike


The original 100% silicon grips and bar tape


Power of natural energy

Knight Composites

Carbon wheels

Lauf Forks

Lightest suspension forks out there


For your head