Thanet Road Club Kit

In 2019 Peter Huckstep designed a new kit for Thanet Road Club.
This design was chosen and approved by club members in late 2019 and has been extensively used ever since. This is the first time the club kit has been available in a full range of women’s specific cuts.

Buy Online via BioRacer

Bioracer is the supplier selected by the club to supply TRC kit. They also supply the Race Team and the 70th jerseys.

For 2023 Bioracer have replaced their Prof and Race proven ranges with their new Icon and Epic ranges.

Icon is an update for the Prof range giving a classic fit.

Epic is an update for the Race proven range giving a tighter fit.

Make sure you read all the sizing information.

Images shown on TRC website are the Prof and Race Proven ranges.

Images shown on the Bioracer website are the Icon and Epic ranges.

There is still an extensive range available; For example, the 70th jersey was the JERSEY SS PROF BODYFIT, a similar fit may now be in Icon range, see additional notes below.

There are some steps you will need to complete to order the TRC kit you want.

  • Click on the link and create your own personal account with BioRacer
    2) View the kit available and decide what items you want to purchase
    3) Make sure you have looked at and decided the correct size for you
    4) The web shop will be open for you to place orders from 18th Sept. – 8th  Oct.  2023.
    5) If you want TRC kit you must place and pay for your order in the web shop during this period.
    6) Payments will need to be made direct to Bioracer – they take most cards through Worldpay.
    7) When the web shop closes for orders on Sunday 8th October 2023, BioRacer will then process and manufacture all orders.

Discounted Kit for Junior Members

TRC committee has agreed to a 50% refund for 1 item of kit for every TRC full junior member from club funds 50% would be paid back by the club if the junior member provides a receipt of the purchase from the TRC BioRacer web shop. This is a one off for life, 1 per TRC Junior full member, aimed at encouraging new and existing members.  If you have any questions please contact TRC secretary

Additional Notes / Sizing

  • Sizing information if you are ordering male size 1 or size 2: – Size 1&2 children’s sizes are the same as size 1&2 adult male sizes. Ordering children’s sizes will save you 20% VAT on the cost. In the Bioracer Web shop, on left tab ‘CATAGORIES’ select KIDS to see the options.
  • Sizing information for Icon range: Icon is very similar sizing to Prof the only thing we have found is that the shorts are a bit tighter around the leg. So, people who have the bigger quads may need to go up a size.
  • Sizing information for Epic range: Be aware of the sizing on the epic garments especially around the tops. The tops come in standard and tall. Standard version of epic will come 5cm shorter than an icon jersey or the old race proven. (This is to help the shorter riders not have to keep going smaller on the sizes to get the body length nice and snug). Whilst the tall version is more like a standard-length race jersey. Make sure you look in the information page on the Bioracer website.
  • Please make sure you read the BioRacer terms and conditions TRC has agreed to help with delivery of your orders.
  • Make sure you have selected and ordered the correct size item.
  • When you select an item there is an associated sizing chart on the Bioracer web shop- please make sure you refer to and use this.
  • Returns to Bioracer based on sizing issues are not possible.
  • TRC Race Team have been using BioRacer kit for a few years, and the 70th jersey was done by Bioracer, and can provide feedback on their sizing and quality if asked.
  • Some items on the web shop are the items on here showing up in black/generic patterns.
  • Custom accessories are available but minimum orders apply, contact TRC secretary before ordering these.

Current lead time is estimated to be 8 weeks.
When your orders have been manufactured Bioracer will send one delivery to a TRC representative (saving on postage/packing for all)
When received the TRC representative will communicate a collection location and time.
The Web shop opening is decided by TRC committee based on member requests. Contact general secretary to make a request.

Kit History

View a history of the Thanet Road Club Kit from over the years