Just a handful of club riders decided than riding a 15 mile time trial was a better option than the pain and tears of the club hill climb!

The event was held on the Hamstreet bypass between the Bridgefield and Brenzett roundabouts. There was a small field of just 37 solo riders and a tandem taking part in rather unseasonal October weather. The temperature was around 14C, it was sunny, and winds were light from the south.

Club times in starting order:-
Dave Mastin, 40.39
Jenny Fearn, 48.00
Terry Fearn, 3 wheels on his wagon, 55.03!
Colin Inett, 42.23

Neil Lauder (PMR) was fastest by a single second with 31.37, just edging out Abellio’s Mike Piper.

Report by Dave Mastin.