The club organises Time Trials on Wednesday evenings from April to September every year at Betteshanger Country Park (Q10/42) and Thanet Way (Q10/31).

This year we will again be implementing our ‘help and ride scheme’ – details are attached.

There is a change for 2016 to the Evening Points Competition (applicable to TRC members only) as follows.

  • TRC members will receive 5 points for the first two events at which they assist.
  • Assistance at additional events will attract 1 point.
  • The Evening Points Competition is open to all TRC members including the Race Team.
  • All events (as per attached) are included except the Boxing Day Time Trial.

All riders will be expected to help by committing to help at least two club events through the season to gain eligibility to ride.

We are expecting good support from club and non club members who want to ride.

You will be expected to marshal on the course on which you are planning to ride the most events

If you can only help at other club events and would like to ride on Wednesday’s please contact the time trial secretary in the first instance.

It is the expectation that all riders including juveniles and juniors will help and ride. As we are not allowed to let juveniles and juniors marshal we are hoping their parents will be helping their children ride.

Non club members who ride but do not support the ‘help and ride system’ will have to pay an increased entry fee for events until they have helped

We are also hoping members will continue to help with club open events (2 up TTT, 4 up TTT, Betteshanger 10, Thanet way 25) and our commitment to KCA events – we have committed to provide 9 marshals on 11th Sept at the KCA event on Thanet Way.

To make your commitment contact Michael Friend (contact details in attached spread sheet).

The day before a club time trial, if an event does not have enough helpers committed a message will be posted on the club website/Facebook/Twitter and the event cancelled. No messages and the event will run as planned.

I am sure we all want to ride in 2016 so please commit your support to our club.

£3.00 for club members and second claim members
£2.00 for club member juvenile/juniors
£4.00 for guests who support ‘help and ride system’
£5.00 for other guests

Help and Ride Plan 28 Mar 2016 (V1).xlsx