George Pittock – London Youth Track League

George Pittock finished a second successful season at the London Youth Track League (LYTL) last night Thursday 22 March.

Selection for the four groups is based on age and ability and last year (2016/17) George finished 13th out of 32 riders in Group 2. This year (2017/18) George was in Group 1, which included two national champions and numerous Olympic Development Apprentice (ODA) riders. He set himself a goal to finish in the middle third of the group.

Each of the 10 events fortnightly from October to March included 24 lap scratch, 1k dash, elimination and 50 lap pointsraces. George’s favourite event is the points race, where he achieved his best result of sixth on the very first night, and his least favourite event is the elimination.

George finished 22nd out 42 riders in Group 1. He achieved his goal for this year’s competition and has established himself as an accomplished track rider.

Post by Colin Robinson