A total of 9 club riders made the trip to the wilds of the Isle of Grain to ride the De Laune CC 10 mile TT. It was a chilly, grey day, with a brisk headwind to the turn. The return leg was fast, but most riders lost a fair bit of time to the turn and were unable to make it up coming back.

There was some success for one of our riders with Nicola Goodban picking up the prize for fastest woman with a time of 26.38.

Club times in starting order:-

Simon Charles: 28.28,
Nicola Goodban: 26.38,
Paul Kirkness: 26.33,
Andy McCall: 27.23,
Dave Mastin: 27.54,
Paul Kelk: 27.58,
Martin Russell: 25.25,
Andy Burrows: 29.45,
Scott Meeks: 23.33.

Report by Dave Mastin.