The second round of the PMR series of evening 10’s was well supported by club members and a successful event for a number of our riders.

Once again, Chris Fennell topped the list of times with yet another PB, a course record, and he updated his own men’s 10 mile club record. Chris’s time was 19.11, and although he was well pleased with his time, he was also a bit frustrated at being so close to an 18 minute ride. Another club record also fell, this time one that has stood for quite a few years. Nicola Goodban updated the ladies 10 mile record with a PB and an impressive ride of 23.22, taking 31 seconds off the previous record. Congratulations to both Chris and Nicola on their achievements!

A number of other riders recorded PB’s, I believe these included Bill Hawkes and Nic Fennell. Also, several riders improved on their last 3 seasons PB times as well.

Club times in starting order:-

Martin Russell: 23.25
Rick Perkins: 22.00
Huck Garip: 22.07
Nicola Goodban: 23.22
Mark Palmer: 22.30
Dave Mastin: 25.13
Bill Hawkes: 20.56
Paul Kelk: 24.22
Simon Henderson: 21.40
Colin Inett: 26.35
Chris Fennell: 19.11
Andy Macpherson (2nd claim): 23.48
Chris Bax (2nd claim): 23.23
Nic Fennell: 22.09

Report by Dave Mastin.