The popular Wigmore CC 25 mile time trial, held on the Chilham course, attracted a full field plus reserves. However, the weather was wet and so quite a few riders decided to give it a miss. As in recent weeks, the club was well represented by both first and second claim members at an open time trial. The luckiest rider was probably second claim member Richard McVey who didn’t actually get to start. The steerer column on his forks broke on the line and it is a chilling thought to imagine what might have been, had this occurred on the fast downhill drop from Molash.

Best club ride of the day was Ollie Robinson, who went under the hour for the second time in 5 days, recording 57.54. This also won Ollie the junior prize as well. Other prize winners were Simon Henderson in 9th place, and Chris Bax (2nd claim) who was fastest vet in category D. And Rob Milnes went home with a PB. Fastest on the day was Seth Kay of PMR with 51.50.

Times in starting order:-
Buck Garip – 58.55
Simon Henderson – 56.55
Colin Inett – 1.13.16
Paul Griffiths – 1.13.37
Ollie Robinson – 57.54
Jim Dickson – 1.07.07
Colin Robinson – 1.02.34
Andy McCall – 1.09.52
Olly Dickson – 1.06.13
Rob Milnes – 1.01.13
Rick Perkins – 59.24
Dave Mastin – 1.05.18
Chris Bax – 1.01.54

Report by Dave Mastin.