Instead of the usual 10 mile distance, this week’s evening time trial at Fowlmead was held over 25 miles, which was 12 and a quarter laps of the circuit. A total of 38 riders started, but only 32 finished due to a number of punctures caused by the wet conditions. The weather was showery with variable strength winds to contend with as well, and finally a bit of sunshine towards the end.

Seven junior riders finished the event, many of them riding their first ever 25 mile time trial. Fastest rider was Ollie Robinson who had an excellent ride to get under the hour by a couple of seconds. Also, well done to all our juniors who finished the ride in difficult conditions. Fastest senior rider was Mark Whittaker of GS Invicta with a time of 57.52, whilst the fastest Thanet senior was Rick Perkins who was just over the hour with 1.00.04. Again there were a number of senior riders attempting the distance for the first time; well done to these riders too.

Time can be found in the attached files.

Helpers this week were Teresa Childs, Nicola Goodban, Paul Kelk, Gary Russell, Tony Northcott, Phil Cook, Terry Fearn and Dave Mastin.

Report by Dave Mastin.

Juniors Fowlmead ’25’ 29th April.xls

Seniors Fowlmead ’25’ 29th April.xls