For the second consecutive week ten 1st claim riders from Thanet Road Club (TRC) signed up for the West Kent Cycling Club’s annual 25 mile TT on Sunday 20th September 2020.

They were joined by three 2nd claim members in a field of 66 riders using the Q25/8 course for the first time 1st time in 12 months (I think).

Once again it was great to see a good field and so many TRC riders.

Thanks to Laurence Toombs at the West Kent, all the helpers and marshals who turned out to run what was yet another well organised event.

It was fairly warm for a September morning but there was a stiff breeze from a mainly NE direction. It was not too noticeable on the leg to Canterbury and certainly helped going to Ashford. Ashford back to the Chilham fork was a challenge. I got caught by no 15. on this leg – he was making a lot better progress than me, although we both saw off 3 other riders.

The course has been re surfaced in several places. I think KCC has been trying to see how many different surfaces they can get on the course! The best part is from around Chartham Station to the turn at Canterbury. From the Chilham fork for about a mile towards Ashford is a new surface that although covers the potholes feels very ‘draggy’ and rough – no doubt waiting for the cars and lorries to smooth this surface.

I was a relatively early starter so traffic was light for me, just missing the ‘help’ of a tractor at the Ashford turn, which looking at the times I needed.

Congratulation to Nic Fennell who won the event with a 51:25, great ride Nic.

Also well done to George Pittock who did a very creditable 58:56. I didn’t see but I am guessing this was on his road bike, what ever a great time George.

This credited him with the prize for second fastest junior.

TRC 1st claim results, start order:

Simon Henderson 58:28

Paul Kirkness 1:03:22

Bill Hawkes DNS (A)

Paul Burrows DNS (A)

Andy Burrows 01:11:15

Rob Milnes 01:01:52

Adrian Hawkins 57:53

Chris Bax 01:05:57

Nic Fennell 51:25

George Pittock 58:56

TRC 2nd claim results, start order:

Danny Frost (Folkstone Velo Club) 01:03:52

Mark Hill (VeloRefined Rule 5) 56:01

Robert Nicholas (Deal Tri) 56:31

Good luck to Nic in the Nationals along with all our other 1st and 2nd claim riders who are competing.

Report based on provisional results.

Apologies for any omissions/ errors.

Simon H.