Saturday 17th May 2014

Southborough & District Wheelers 10 Q10/33 Appledore

7 TRC riders made the trip to Tenterden on a lovely sunny and warm afternoon – is summer here already?

There was talk of course records etc. but it turned out to be quite a challenging afternoon for some riders.

We all made it round safe and sound with Mark Palmer leading the way

My interpretation of the results board (start order)

Andy McCall 27:27

Philip McVey DNS

Mark Palmer 23:05

Dave Mastin 26:10

Malcolm Adams (2nd C) 28:23

Simon Henderson 23:15

Chris Bax (2nd C) 24:13

Gary Harrison (2nd C) 25:17

Event winner was Peter Tadros (InGear QuickVit Trainsharp RT) 21:01

Thanks to Southborough for another great event (and the weather!)

Sunday 18th May 2014

San Fairy Ann 50 Q50/1 Harrietsham

Usual suspect Simon Henderson and the Dickson’s ventured out early on the best Sunday morning of the season to date with warm, dry and sunny conditions.

Q50/1 is a challenging course with two trips up the hill in Harrietsham, all the other rises and dips, so not for the faint hearted.

Good turnout for TRC with Ollie Dickson picking up the junior prize and there were several course PB’s

My interpretation of the results board (start order)

Andy MacPherson (2nd C) 02:21:49

Oliver Dickson 02:35:19

Simon Henderson 02:02:19

James Dickson (do they mean Jim?) 02:24:04

Seb Dickson 02:05:08

Event winner was Kevin Tye (Velorefined Aerosmiths) 01:51:49

Thanks to John Longbottom and the SFA for organising the event and Lise Taylor-Vebel for the great photos !

Simon Henderson

Thanet Road Club Time Trial Secretary