VTTA 10 Q10/30 Thanet Way

Plenty of TRC riders (21!) signed on for the very popular annual outing on Q10/30 – the faster version of the Thanet way course.

Conditions were very favourable- cloudy, cool and virtually no wind.

Toward the end of the event the conditions deteriorated with the last few riders catching the rain at the finish and on the way back to the HQ- yep got soaked!

Thanks go to our own Colin Inett and his band of helpers for another great event.

There were a few PB’s that I know about:

Ollie Robinson, Matt Hall, Colin Robinson, Michael Friend, Chris Childs, Dave Mastin, Pip McVey & Pete Huckstep, Chris Fennell (I think).

There were some great TRC times

Peter Tadros (InGear Quickvit) took the honours with a very fast 19:40, only 9 seconds ahead of Chris

TRC times (Start order) my interpretation of results (hope I have remembered you all!):

Dave Mastin 24:29 (>3yrPB)

Huck Garrip 22:52

Chris Bax (2ndC) 23:56

Bill Hawkes 22:10

Jim Dickson 23:45

Ollie Robinson 21:44 (PB)

Richard McVey (2ndC) 22:01

Olly Dickson 23:54

Malcolm Adams (2ndC) 26:06

Colin Robinson 22:57 (PB)

Michael Friend 23:12 (PB)

Pip McVey 30:00 (>3yrPB)

Martin Russell 24:08

Pete Huckstep 24:53 (>3yrPB)

Paul Kelk 24:19

Chris Childs 24:39

Simon Henderson 21:20 (course PB)

Dave Danton 24:31

Andy Burrows 25:15

Chris Fennell (2ndC) 19:49 (PB)

Matt Hall 23:06 (PB)

Post from Simon Henderson