Forgoing the usual Easter Sunday morning eight TRC riders turned out amongst a field of 62 to complete in the KCA 25 on the undulating Q25/8 Molash course.

Once again TRC eclipsed the other Kent clubs with the most number of riders.

The riders set off in fine conditions, sun, gentle northerly breeze, but a chilly 5°C.

Most comments referred to the cool conditions, but at least it wasn’t the same as this event in 2013 when the temperature did not get above -5°C!

Once into the event conditions provided a bit of help from Thannington to Ashford, but proved hard with the low temperatures back to Chartham.

Warming up in the hall the TRC team were pleased with their results as we picked up a few prizes.

(My interpretation of results board)

Simon Henderson was 3rd on scratch and 2nd vet on standard.

Ollie Dickson was 2nd fastest Junior

(Let’s wait for the results sheet)….. TRC picked up the fastest team of 3 riders: Simon, Rick Perkins and Jim Dickson (03:04:41)

A trip to the KCA dinner awaits the victors!

Thanks Le Anh Luong and the KCA for organising the event.

TRC riders in start order:

Andy McCall 01:10:28

Colin Inett 01: 16:34

Mark Palmer DNS (family bereavement)

Andy Burrows 01:10:42

Oliver Dickson 01:11:27

Simon Henderson 00:58:32

Rick Perkins 01:01:06

Paul Kelk 01:09:52

Jim Dickson 01:05:03

Event winner was Seth Kay (PMR@Toachim House) 00:56:42.

Post from Simon Henderson