I am very pleased and excited to name the Thanet RC youth development team for season 2015. These are riders who have raced and performed well for Thanet RC in 2014 and we are trying to develop further in coaching, skills and fitness. This does not stop other riders making the team throughout 2015 as will be always watching the results and who puts the effort in closely. The riders for this team have to be in the Youth B and A groups for 2015

1. Oliver Dickson
2. George Edmondson
3. Ollie Robinson
4. Callum O’Regan
5. David Redmond
6. George Pittock
7. Megan Griffiths
8. Meadhbh Cook
9. Tia Neame
10. Maddie Bazin

Also nice for 2015 to almost have a equal split of boys and girls.
Hope all names listed above have thought about their winter training and goals for 2015. I will be contacting them all soon for this information and have a kick off meeting. Post by Colin Robinson