Junior 10 mile TT
Congratulations to Dan Martin representing Thanet RC with a fine 14th place in a full field on a testing course. Dan is also currently provisionally 4th in the National 25 mile time trial which took place two weeks ago. However, the “winner’s” time is under investigation and hopefully Dan will soon claim his rightful spot as bronze medallist. Ollie Robinson also featured in the 25 mile top 10.

TRC at the RTTC 10 Mile National Championships – Men

This year the men’s national 10 was hosted by a3crg. And held on the P886 near Liphook, West Sussex.

The course was hilly, with a 5.5 mile outward leg and a 4.5 mile return. With a short sharp climb to start, falling off to a false flat. Followed by a long decent to the roundabout. Meaning return leg was 3 miles of continuous climbing with some false flats to finish. Making for a tough and relatively slow time trial course.

The weather conditions like the National 25TT were windy. A cross head wind on the outward leg made the decent fairly slow and gave a small amount of assistance on the climb of the return. Luckily the rain stayed away for the race meaning mostly dry roads for the riders.

Thanet Road Club had two riders at this event, with Chris Fennell and Nic Fennell competing.

Chris was a bit disappointed with his ride feeling his power was down but still managed an impressive time of 21.39 claiming 9th overall which he was happy with and another top 10 at the national level.
Nic had a reasonable ride on this tough course with a time of 25.31 finishing 105th, a little disappointed to miss the top 100 by just a few seconds but still pleased.

Final results of Thanet Riders was:
Chris Fennell – 21.39 – 9th
Nic Fennell – 25.31 – 105th

The winner of the event was Richard Bussell (Aerocoach) defending his title with a 20:35.
2nd – James Gullen (Pedal Heaven) – 20.39
3rd – Ryan Perry (Lansdale Lightweights RT)

Other local riders included:
Kevin Tye (VeloRefined Aerosmiths) – 22.16 – 20th
Peter Tadros (In-Gear Quick it Trainsharp RT) – 23.25 – 53rd
Andrew Meilak (VeloRefined Aerosmiths) – 23.26 – 54th

Report by Nic Fennell