Thanet RC 10mile TT Open 10 Q10/30 – 2nd Sept 2018 (Report)
A chilly start to the morning gave way to warm and still conditions, some say ideal for time trialling. 69 of the 74 riders on the start sheet “braved” the conditions with only one DNF as Nick Howlett unfortunately snapped his chain at the start. Results seemed to be mixed with a Thanet Club Record and PBs set by many riders, whereas others found the July VTTA event on the same Q10/30 course quicker even though the conditions were cooler and the wind brisk.
Very many thanks to the time keepers, marshalls and helpers, who made the event a success and without who we could all not keep up the sport we seem to spend so many early mornings chasing.
Thanks to: Christine Burrows, Andy McCall, Rick Perkins, Brett Dennis, Tony Keneally, Peter Sayer, Richard Hull, Sue Shields, Mark Huckstep, Simon Henderson, John Sepple and Rebecca Friend. Apologies if I missed anyone.
Cracking rides by Jo Smith and Nic Fennell from Thanet RC to take top honours. Jo setting a new Women’s Club Record. Full Results attached.
Women (Scratch)
1st Jo Smith 23:10 Thanet RC (Club Record)
2nd Charmaine Pullen 24:37 FVC
3rd Annette Nixon 24:47 FVC
Men (Scratch)
1st Nic Fennell 19:29 (PB) Thanet RC
2nd Dean Chittdention 20:23 Abelllio SFA
3rd Tom Rowing 20:28 Abelio SFA
1st Cameron Kemp 23:12 Quick Release CC
2nd Catherine Morrell 25:30 Thanet RC
3rd Toby Yemm 26:43 Thanet RC
1st Peter Elms +6:09 (20:41) Aerosmiths
2nd Anthony Bee +6:05 (20:59) Wigmore CC
3rd Martin Jones +5:50 (20:46) Gemini BC
Team Prize
Abellio SFA 61:33 (Dean Chiddention, Tom Rowing, John Cockrill)
Very close team competition, Abellio pipped Thanet RC by only 2 seconds!
Report by Michael Friend

RESULTS -Thanet-RC 02-09-18.pdf