Thanks to the large number of helpers for last night’s 4-UP TTT. Colin.I , Malcolm, Faye, Diana, Abi, Simon, Keith, Sue, Ray and anyone I forgot. Please see the times for the 14.3 mile course below

Thanet RC 4-up TTT results (15th August 2018)
Position Time Team member.1 Team member.2 Team member.3 Team member.4 Club
1 29.37 Ollie Robinson Shaun Manning Nick Scott Adrian Hawkins Thanet RC/Team Wiggins
2 31.19 Rick Perkins Mike Kirkness Mark Palmer Scott Meeks Thanet RC
3 33.03 George Pittock Tom Lowther Alex Ashman Thanet RC (U18)
4 33.55 Jill Cliff Dave Mitchell Pete Hogben Jo Malpass Deal Tri/GS Invicta
5 35.20 Tom Hutton Charlie Dickson Toby Yemm Catherine Morrell Thanet RC
6 36.16 Dave Mastin Andy McCall Paul Kirkness Brain Hood Thanet RC
7 37.49 Annette Dixon Zoe Bartlett Tracy Willenes Charmaine Pullen FVC
8 39.52 Adam Lane Robert Sissions Kevin Howland Paul Griffiths Thanet RC
9 39.56 Lester Devine Gary O’Mahoney Martin Moore Stephen Canterbury BC
10 40.13 Max Robinson Simon Charles Tallulah Butcher Nicola Goodban Thanet RC
11 41.37 Rachel Cornish Fayne Brenner Fiona Gander Canterbury BC
Other Times
28.21 Chris Fennell Nic Fennell Thanet RC/Ind Pedeller
31.52 Mark Hill Velo Refined
32.41 Colin Newton Danny Frost Matt Lester Rob Nicholas FVC (2 finished)