Round 3 of the popular PMR evening series of 10 mile time trials saw some excellent times recorded by club riders.

There were a number of PB’s, and the stand out ride of the evening was by Chris Fennell, with a PB and a new course record for the Hamstreet course of 19.01!

Club times in order of fastest rider:

Chris Fennell: 19.01
Bill Hawkes: 21.00
Simon Henderson: 21.30
Rick Perkins: 21.33
Huck Garip: 22.00
Nic Fennell: 22.04
Mark Palmer: 22.20
Chris Bax (2nd claim): 22.54
Andy Hill (2nd claim): 23.07
Andy Macpherson (2nd claim): 23.14
Martin Russell: 23.21
Nicola Goodban: 23.54
Paul Kelk: 24.44
Jo Malpass (2nd claim): 25.12
Dave Mastin: 25.27
Andy McCall: 26.02
Colin Inett: 26.07
Malcolm Adams (2nd claim): 27.14
Jenny Fearn: 30.19

Report by Dave Mastin.