It was a case of deja vu for many of the club’s riders taking part in the VTTA Kent Group 10 mile time trial held on the popular Hamstreet course. A number of them had been there just 36 hours earlier for the last of the PMR evening series, but this time the weather was dry but with a nagging cross/head wind on the return leg. Compared to the event just 2 days earlier, most riders were a bit slower, although one or two did improve.

Club riders were in the awards again, with Chris Fennell fastest senior and fastest overall, while Simon Henderson was fastest veteran on scratch and second placed veteran on age standard.

Club times in starting order:-
Huck Garip: 22.17
Andy Hill (2nd claim): 22.31
Martin Russell: 23.28
Dave Mastin: 25.34
Simon Henderson: 21.20
Chris Bax (2nd claim): 23.14
Paul Kelk: 24.47
Andy Burrows: 26.29
Bill Hawkes: 21.08
Colin Inett: 26.44
Nic Fennell: 22.17
Malcolm Adams (2nd claim): 27.15
Chris Fennell: 19.36

Report by Dave Mastin