On Sunday 14th January the day for Mum and I started bright and early at 5am to pack the car and leave the house to get to Lee Valley Velodrome, London for RSR sign on at 7:15am.

This was the 2nd track RSR I have attended and the focus of this session was Keirin, track starts, weaving and “Rushing the gap” building to Keirin race on the track behind a Motorbike Derny. The session included 4 hours of track time split between 2 groups followed by specific roller workout, changing track wheels, changing Time trial bars on my track bike , strength and conditioning exercises as well as a classroom session where we had to talk about another sport we enjoy watching or participating in as well as talking about our training diary we have to keep for the RSR and if we have any 1 to 1 coaching and support us in planning a training week. The RSR finished at 4pm.

I have made lots of friends being on the RSR’s and it has really helped me, training on my U16 gearing ahead of the Icebreaker races (first one Sat 27th Jan) and the National Youth Omniums later this year and training with the riders that are the best in London, Central and South East and being able to hold my own has boosted my confidence and made me feel proud to be the only Thanet RC rider selected for these sessions. The coaches on the sessions are really knowledgeable too, working with John Scripps, Rob Sharman and Joe Malik has really helped me progress my riding. Mum also helped coached which really helped her in her coaching and she is thinking she may do the Level 3 track course sometime.

I feel privileged and very grateful to have been nominated by Colin and Thanet RC for this next level of coaching and I hope that I will also get selected for the Circuit/Road RSR’s starting in the spring.

Report by Lance Childs

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