This event, postponed in March due to the Beast from the East, was held in good conditions on the Old Romney-Ashford-Brenzett course. Conditions were warm, with a light breeze from the north east.

The field was fairly small, with only 26 teams entered, several of which didn’t start. The club had just two teams entered, one three up team and a two up pair. The three up team of old ‘uns (Andy McCall, Paul Kirkness and Dave Mastin, combined age 192!) recorded 1.04.39. The two up pairing of Scott Meeks and Mike Kirkness were somewhat quicker with 56.40.

Fastest team on the day was the PMR trio of Neil Lauder, Harry Godding and Rhys Clegg, who broke the KCA record with 50.59.

Report by Dave Mastin.