Results from the PMR 25 mile TT for solos and 2-ups. Maddie Bazin need to put this into text for Gazette. Well done to Chris Fennell 3rd place, Ollie Robinson first junior and Rob Milnes + old man holding him up – 3rd in 2-up. There was a great TRC turnout with 13 riders making up a quarter of the field on the day – Well done everyone.
1 Keith Lea V Paceline RT 00:55:36
2 Jonathan Parker V Team Bottrill 00:56:07
3 Chris Fennell S Thanet RC 00:56:33
6= Simon Henderson S Thanet RC 00:58:50
6= Oliver Robinson J Thanet RC 00:58:50
9 Rick Perkins V Thanet RC 01:00:10
15 Mark Palmer V Thanet RC 01:03:04
16 Nic Fennell S Thanet RC 01:03:13
32 Andy Burrows V Thanet RC 01:14:28
33 Andrew McCall V Thanet Rc 01:15:06
34 Colin Inett V Thanet RC 01:16:31

Pos Rider No 2-UP Team Time Trial Start Time
Team 1 64 Peter Pav Bryan S Rye & Dist Whs 00:55:22
65 Nick Wilson V Rye & Dist Whs
Team 2 44 Martin John Foord V Abellio-SFA RT 01:01:58
45 Richard Jones S Abellio-SFA RT
Team 3 58 Rob Milnes S Thanet RC 01:02:20
59 Colin Robinson V Thanet RC
Team 8 46 Oliver Dickson J Thanet RC 01:07:00
47 James Dickson V Thanet RC

Post by Colin Robinson