David Robert, the club’s Heritage and Sponsorship Officer, has been awarded British Cycling’s Regional Volunteer of the Year Award. Stephanie Allmark, BC’s Development Manager says;

“David has been involved in a wide range of club projects including; managing the club’s preparations for its 70th anniversary, leading the submission to the Heritage Lottery and successfully securing £10k for the club to unite the club membership while supporting the development of the club’s ever growing young volunteer cohort.

Through the anniversary project the club has seen an increase in membership, what is particularly impressive is the increase of former members returning to the club along with a number of entirely new members.

To ensure the club continues to grow and develop David has cemented relationships with local businesses, ensuring sponsorship and gaining renewal for the 2018 season. David is also on hand to support anyone in the club who is submitting a funding application, helping to maximise the chance of success.”

David would like other committee members, volunteers, club members, parents and the young biographers for all their hard work and support on the project.