No Item Action
1 Present –

Apologies –

2 Minutes of Last Meeting (2018) – on club web site dated 3/12/18 Sec
3 Matters Arising – Sec
4 Chairperson’s Address
5 Secretary’s Report

Membership – 173 total, broken down as follows:

Under 12 – Girls 6
Junior – Girls 3
Senior – Women 26
Under 12 – Boys 10
Junior – Boys 10
Senior – Men 118

BC affiliation not done waiting to see if new club kit approved as part of affiliation is copy of club kit

Cycling UK affiliation complete.

6 Treasure’s Report
7 TT Secretary Report
8 Head Coach/Women’s Rep & Go Ride Report
9 Junior Rep Report
10 Race Team Rep Report
11 Website Managers Report
12 Editors Report
13 Social Secretary Report
14 Funding Report
15 Heritage and Sponsorship Report
16 Election of Officers

Helen Hill, Brett Dennis and I have both resigned from our respective posts.

17 Ballot for Dave Saffery Cup
18 AOB

New club kit to approve.

4 up trophy- any mixed team of first or second claim Thanet riders regardless of age or sex.

Delete the handicap trophy as this has not been competed for or awarded for at least 5 years, and other trophies exist to cover that competition.

Club kit – change from an annual review to every five years.

Old club kit disposal.

19 Date of Next AGM:

Date of Next Annual Dinner:


Regards Andy Mccall

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