A handful of club members made the journey from a grey and cold East Kent up to a warmer and sunnier Isle of Grain. The common factor though was a strong north easterly wind, which meant riders got to the turn in good time, only to struggle on the return leg.

Club members picked up a couple of prizes at the event. Bill Hawkes was 4th overall on scratch, while Andy McCall won the handicap prize in the separate trike event, and was second fastest trike as well.

Times in start order:-
Andy McCall (trike): 30.18

Malcolm Adams (2nd claim): 30.08
Simon Charles: 27.41
Martin Russell: 24.49
Bill Hawkes: 22.08
Dave Mastin: 26.37
Nicola Goodban and Lawrence Martin were non starters.

Fastest overall was Keith Murray of Drag2Zero with a fine time of 20.49

Report by Dave Mastin.