On Sunday 14th September 2014, 10.00 am Hampton Pier, HerneBay, the Veteran Cycle Club is organising a ride to remember past President of the Thanet Road Club and Master Frame Builder, Bill Hurlow. The social ride will be about 40 miles to Sandwich and back.

Hurlow enthusiasts from around the country are coming for the ride and as Bill built so many around here it is hoped to assemble the greatest number of Hurlows that have ever been seen (apart from Thanet TT’s in the 60s and 70s).

It will be a chance to reminisce about Bill. Ernie Abdella, who used to assemble Bill’s cycles will be there and other old friends like Esther and Maurice Carpenter. Pip McVey and Bill still hold an Age Standard record for one of their tandem rides.

Bill is still held in the highest esteem in the world of framebuilding by builders such as Richard Sachs, America’s top framebuilder and one of his rare Intitial Cut Lug frames recently sold for $4,000 in the US. The new owner is so proud of it that he has used gold leaf on the lugs!


Any more information contact John Hunt 07765767200