West Kent Road Club Q10/24 Saturday 24th April 15:00

Many, fresh from their early morning burn up last week made up more than a dozen TRC testers who ventured to the Isle of Grain to complete in the West Kent Road Club’s regular 10 mile time trial on Saturday afternoon.

Thanks to Laurence Toombs and all the organisers, helper and marshals at West Kent who delivered a safe and efficient event.

Q10/24 is single carriageway road covered in its entirety by 40mph average speed cameras and is normally reasonably quiet on a Saturday afternoon.

For most of us, it’s the first time we have ridden the course since 2019 as the events on it last year were all cancelled, so it was good to be back.

The course is a steady uphill slog to the turn in a roughly easterly direction with the only notable hill being the bridge over the railway line. After the turn can be quite quick depending on the wind direction as the roads are pretty open and unsheltered.

Weather conditions were reasonably warm, compared to last Sunday at a balmy 11 deg C. There was a keen east, north-easterly breeze at about 16mph making for a fast journey for the out leg from Grain to Fenn Street roundabout. Coming back was a different matter cycling into the wind, that tempered the times for some, making us all try hard.

Road conditions were reasonable with a few potholes to avoid, just like a lot of other roads in Kent.

TRC had a great showing from our riders. There were 4 of our riders in the top 6 placings.

Honours went to Ollie Robinson (well done Ollie) finishing 1st with a 19:50. Just a few seconds behind and in 3rd place was Dan Martin (great ride Dan)19:54.

Plaudits again for the second week in a row go to Tallulah Butcher who picked up the prize for 3rd junior with a 26:47.

Great to see our younger riders shining through.

Nic Fennell was in 5th, 20:21 and Lewis Tompsett finished in 6th place overall with a 20:42

Apologies in advance for any omissions/incorrect times from these provisional results (start order):

Lewis Thompsett 20:42

Oliver Robinson 19:50 (1st)

Colin Robinson 25:29

Stephen Wilkinson (SC) 22:50

Chris Bax 26:58

Mike Perry 30:40

Neil Gerrard (SC) 22:47

Tallulah Butcher 26:47

Toby Hammond 23:10

Colin Newton DNS

Dan Martin 19:54 (2nd)

Mark Hill 22:29 (SC)

Andy Burrows 29:36

Simon Henderson 23:02

Shay Giles (SC) 27:46

Nic Fennell 20:21

Tricycle Association SE Q25/8 Sunday 25th April 08:00

Our lone tricycle(ist) Terry Fearn ventured out onto the Molash, Canterbury, Ashford, Chilham 25 course on Sunday.

Just one of the 8 riders in this regular event he recorded a creditable 01:49:39 on what must have been a tough day on 3 wheels.

Well done Terry.

The event was won by Ian Pike from Lincoln Wheelers with a 01:05:24.

Post from Simon Henderson