It was a busy weekend on the time trial scene for a large number of club members. On Saturday, it was the regional qualifier for the GHS final and the KCA 10 mile time trial, both held at Fowlmead in hot and windy conditions. As a complete contrast, Sunday’s event was the Gravesend CC 25 mile event, which was run on the Chilham course in cool and overcast conditions with light winds.

Five of the club’s junior members have qualified for the GHS final in September, thanks to their efforts in testing conditions on Saturday. Junior riders GHS times over 10 miles, in starting order:

Meadhbh Cook: 32.14
Megan Griffiths: 31.32, (age group winner)
Lance Childs: 31.06, (age group winner)
David Redmond: 27.11
Olly Dickson: 25.25
Toby Hammond: 24.45, (age group winner)
Ollie Robinson: 23.53 (1st equal and joint age group winner)

In the KCA 10 mile event which followed the GHS race, almost 50% of the riders were club members! Club members times, in starting order:

Caroline Rigby: DNF
Pip McVey: 33.50
Jenny Fearn: 33.16
Sarah Fisher: 30.54
Flynn Robinson: 28.23, (1st juvenile)
Heidi Hammond (2nd claim): 28.46, (3rd lady)
Malcolm Adams (2nd claim): 28.16
Nicola Goodban: 25.53, (2nd lady)
Pete Huckstep: 26.37
Chris Childs: 26.16
Dave Mastin: 26.08
Colin Robinson: 25.52
Paul Kelk; 25.25
Jim Dickson: 24.26, (fastest team of 3)
Martin Russell: 25.10
Trevor Hammond (2nd claim): 23.53
Lawrence Martin: 22.48, (fastest team of 3 and 2nd Vet on age standard)
Dan Martin: 23.30, (fastest team of 3 and 1st junior)
Richard McVey (2nd claim): 23.06

Fastest ride of the day was by Adrian Lyons of GS Invicta with 22.15.

Onto Sunday and back to more typical British summer weather! The Gravesend CC 25 event took place on the popular Chilham course between Canterbury and Ashford. the event attracted a good field of 85 riders but around 20 riders didn’t start, probably uncertain about the weather after overnight rain and grey conditions.

Club times, in starting order:
Huck Garip: 57.31
Chris Bax (2nd claim): 1.02.49
Andy Burrows: 1.08.56
Bill Hawkes: 56.21 (4th)
Paul Kelk: 1.06.21
Martin Russell: 1.05.10
Dave Mastin: 1.05.59
Andy Macpherson (2nd claim): 1.04.49
Simon Henderson: 56.26 (5th)
Paul; Griffiths: 1.12.35
Jim Dickson: 1.02.58
Dave Danton: 1.04.50

Fastest on the day was Andrew Meilak of VeloRefined with 54.03.

Reports by Dave Mastin.