VTTA 25 Q25/12 Brenzett-Brooklands-Kingsnorth RAB2-Brenzett

With the season drawing to a close 12 TRC riders signed up for this, the penultimate event in Kent for 2015.

It was a cool and crisp morning that greeted the early starters with misty conditions toward the top of the Ham Street bypass.

In comparison to last weekend it wasn’t such a ‘good’ day in terms of conditions.

All in all it was a good morning for the riders with one exception…

Peter Elms was involved in a collision with a vehicle at Brenzett RAB and was taken to hospital – we all wish him well for a speedy recovery.

The Fennells’ had a good morning with Chris picking up the scratch award for the fastest rider 52:23 and Nic who improved his 25 time with a PB of 01:04:59.

Bacon rolls all round after the event, ‘chapeau’ – VTTA

TRC times (start order – my interpretation of the results board)

Huck Garrip: 58:42

Bill Hawkes: DNS

Lawrence Martin: 59:44

Nic Fennell: 04:04:59

Daniel Martin: 58:39

David Danton: DNS

Simon Henderson: 57:44

Paul Kelk: 01:05:56

Paul Griffiths: 01:12:50

Chris Fennell: 52:23

Colin Inett: 01:13:54

Martin Russell: 01:06:02

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