Sunday 14th June 2015 KCA 100

Just three riders from TRC made it to the start line for the KCA 100.

The weather was the best it has been for the last 4 years and the course was modified from previous years to give a leg up and down the Hamstreet bypass and 3 laps of Brenzett, Camber, Lydd.

General feedback from the field was that they prefered the new course, although this could have been swayed by the weather conditions – dry, warm ( 15 degC), intermittent sun and most importantly a variable 8 mph breeze that offered some help from Camber to Lydd. Some resurfacing in Camber and from Lydd to Hammonds Corners has improved the course

With the favouable conditions Rick Perkins improved his PB by more than 10 minutes recording a 04:14:33.

Simon Henderson finshed with a 04:03:38, a 06:52 improvement on his previous best.

Well done both!

The event winner was Andrew Meilak (Velorefined) who recorded a very impressive 03:45:12.

Assuming they use the same course in 2016 – 1 to put in your calendar!

My interpretation of times (start order):

Simon Henderson 04:03:38

Chris Bax (SC) 04:31:28

Andrew McCall DNS

Rick Perkins 04:14:33.

Post from Simon Henderson