Turbo training sessions starts back on Thursday 8th January at 18.00 – 19.30

It’s now only 8 weeks until the first time trial of 2015 – so why not come along and get 8 sessions in the bank!

If you have to follow a structured training plan just come along and do your own thing with the rest of us for motivation

Looking forward to seeing you all there on Thursday.

Location is Ursuline College sports hall in Westgate.


We are not professional coaches and are just offering our advice and encouragement at the session.

Here is what to bring and what to expect:


Your turbo trainer and your bike

Make sure you have tried and tested it before you come ( help keep the hall tidy – clean bikes please!)

Something to put under your turbo to stop it slipping across the floor (rubber mat)

Heart rate monitor

A drink

Your enthusiasm


Something warm to wear home


To sweat!

To have fun (if you like that sort of thing)

12 minutes warm up, phased intervals and warm down based around heart rate levels

Cyclist stretching to finish

To encourage some competition this year I will be running a turbo league of time spent on your turbo during the winter season

We have to have the hall clear by 19.30 and will finish in time to allow for this

Please be familiar with and follow the guidance provided by Ursuline (attached below)

Information that will help:

As soon as you get there set up your turbo on the left side of the hall in a ‘close peloton’ formation and start warming up

The sessions are based on the British Cycling heart rate levels resting( R) to 5.

Work out your own levels before the session – to do this from the BC website

BC heartrate calculator

This is an example for a rider with a max heart rate of 175 BPM

Heart rate (Beats per minute)
HR Zone Low end zone High end zone
1 .. Active Recovery < 119
2 .. Endurance 119 to 145
3 .. Tempo 145 to 164
4 .. Threshold 164 to 183
5 .. VO2 max 183 to 211

Costs will start at £3.50 for seniors and £2.00 for under 18’s and will be reviewed during the season

Cyclist from other clubs are more than welcome to attend.

Post from Simon Henderson