Thanet RC riders Emily Heasman, Jack Hill, George Pittock (pictured left to right), Hamish Reilly and Luke Hill were among 70 top youth and junior riders from the South East, South, Central and Eastern regions who took part in British Cycling’s first multi-region Cyclo-X Regional Development Day at Cyclopark yesterday (Saturday).

Riders had the opportunity to ride the actual course for the National Trophy to be held at Cyclopark in two weeks’ time, with coaching and feedback from some of the best CX coaches in the four regions. There was also a workshop session covering CX skills and techniques.

“It was good that we were all selected” said George. “Effectively it was a RSR (Regional School of Racing), with a similar format and similar selection criteria, and we all learned a lot from the British Cycling coaches and from the very best riders”..