This year the national circuit championships was hosted by London East District. And held on the E33/25 near Newmarket, Suffolk.

This marks the final national TT event of the year.

The course was two 12.5mile laps, triangular in shape, with 2 sharp junctions and a large sweeping roundabout. The first part of the lap was fairly fast with one drag over the flyover for the A11 with a short sharp descent, which wasn’t long enough to pull the speed up much with. The second leg was gently rolling, the final part of the lap was rolling with one significant rise shortly after the turn. Mostly the course dragged uphill with the only real downhill on the first leg of the lap, meaning the overall average speeds were down on previous events.

The weather conditions were cold around 9C but very still which made for even conditions around the laps. Traffic on the course was light making for a safe event.

Thanet Road Club had two first claim members and three third claim members riding.

Sophie Driscoll was the first of TRC rider off setting a time of 1:07:04 a good time for her second 25mile TT, placing her 21st in the women’s event.

Nic Fennell was the other first claim member finishing in a time of 53:01, placing 17th overall

Alex Clay was the first of the second claim riders off riding for The Independent Pedlar, finishing in a time of 56:01, placing her 2nd overall in the women’s event.

Mark Hill riding for VeloRefined was the next of the second claim members. Finished in a time of 58:06, placing 41st overall.

Finally Chris Fennell was the last of TRC members off, riding for The Independent Pedlar. Chris finished in a time of 49:11, placing 2nd overall.

The winner of the event was John Archibald (Ribble Pro Cycling) – 48:50 2nd – Chris Fennell – 49:11 3rd (Joint) – Travis Bramley/Sebastian Garry – 50:50

The women’s event was won by Emily Meakin (The Independent Pedlar) – 55:02 2nd – Alex Clay (The Independent Pedlar) – 56:01 3rd – Hayley Simmons (Aerocoach) – 56:08

Post from Nic Fennell