Saturday 9th May CC Bexley 10 Q10/24- Isle of Grain
It was a nice warm and dry afternoon but with a very keen WSW breeze which seems to be usual conditions for this course.
Again TRC has a good number of entrants in a field of 60.
Feelings after the event were somewhat deflated following an incident at the level crossing on the return leg where our own Gary Harrison has a nasty spill.
Gary was taken to hospital and is now nursing a very painful broken pelvis in addition to loads of abrasions.
I am sure you will all join me in wishing Gary a full and speedy recovery.
Thanks go to Martin Russell, Nicola Goodban and Paul Kelk who between them repatriated Gary’s bike and van home.

As for the event, it was a full on headwind to the turn that proved tough for all the riders but a very fast return leg with many riders getting average speeds of over 34mph for 5 miles
TRC also took away a few prizes

My interpretation of results (start order)

Martin Russell DNS (nursing a bad back)
Oliver Dickson 25:51
Gary Harrison DNF
Gary Russell DNS (nursing chest injury)
Daniel Martin 24:36 – 1st Junior
Nicola Goodban 28:14 – 2nd Lady
Simon Henderson 22:47 – 2nd, Group B vet.
Laurence Martin 24:17
Darren Mitchell 25:47
Paul Kelk 24:40

Event winner was Mike Piper (Abellio SFA Racing Team) 22:41

Report by Simon Henderson

Sunday 10th VTTA Kent “30” Q30/2 – Hamstreet By-Pass

A cool but dry and breezy conditions were waiting for a small field for the VTTA Kent annual 30 mile time trial on the Hamstreet by-pass course (A2070 road between Ashford and Brookland). There were a number of TRC first and second claim members on the start sheet, but not all took part. Of those that rode, 2 members won prizes.

Times, in starting order:-

Andy McCall DNS (under the weather)
Richard McVey (2nd claim) – 1.11.02
Andy MacPherson (2nd claim) – 1.19.39
Simon Henderson – 1.10.03 (2nd vet on age standard)
Dave Mastin – 1.20.39
Jim Dickson – DNS
Chris Bax (2nd claim) – 1.14.42 (4th vet on age standard)
Darren Mitchell – DNS
Huck Garip – 1.11.31

Fastest rider on both actual time and age standard was Velorefined’s Andrew Meilak with 1.07.35.

Report by Dave Mastin