Posted Jim Dickson

Dear Members

Having completed a good turn on the front I am ready to flick my elbow and hope that someone else will come through to take my place on the committee.

I have enjoyed following the club membership and business over the last couple of years; the club is in a great place with lots going on. That said, I feel that I am not quite so involved in club events as in the past and think that It is right to make way for someone closer to the hub to take up the reins. With Emma before me, Dicksons have looked after the Secretary role for 4 years and I think that the time is right to step down this year.

The role is an administrative one and largely computerised through e-mail, social media and Brish Cycling Clubmanger; all stuff that would be easy to pick up.

The rules state:

(c) General Secretary. Deals with affiliations and correspondence with cycling bodies. Maintains a membership roll and deals with non-racing aspect of Club business. Organises and records decisions of committee and members meetings. Maintains the rule book and organises the Annual General Meeting

It is very rewarding to be at the centre of a club like Thanet Road Club and I am sure that someone else will find it as fulfilling as I have done.

Please let me know if you are interested.

Best wishes,


Secretary Thanet Road Club