Huge thanks to our sponsors St Peters Cycles and all the many helpers on a lovely sunny day at BCP. Not going to list all helpers as I always forget someone but you know who you are so THANKS. Here are the provisional results from today with lots of great Thanet RC performances. Take a look at Facebook site for lots of great photos

Thanet RC / SPC MENS 2-3-4 event (3rd April 2016)
MENS 2-3-4 Race
Position Name Team
1 Josh Wakeling Adalta Race Team
2 Iain Carr Army Cycling Union
3 Oliver Reeves 4T+ Velo Club
4 Tyler Lemmon TBW Bottecchia
5 Oliver Robinson Thanet RC Race Team
6 Karl Strugnell KASSEI.CC – TEKNOFUEL
7 Stuart Baldwin Adalta Race Team
9 Oliver Cliff Elitecycling
10 Ian Jones 4T+ Velo Club
11 Michael Butler Hargroves RT
12 Robert Kennison Medway VC
13 Tom Roberts-Smart VC Deal
14 Toby Hammond Thanet RC Race Team
15 Ciaran Ogrady PMR@Toachim House
16 Benjamin Bartlett Folkestone Velo Club
17 Mark Oldfield 4T+ Velo Club
18 Sam Bradford PMR@Toachim House
19 Andrew Hill VC Deal
20 Piers Hazelgrove Adalta Cycling Club
21 Dan Martin Thanet RC Race Team
22 Timothy Kingston Deal Tri Ltd
23 Keith Watson Adalta Cycling Club
24 Jason Oram Adalta Cycling Club
25 Dominic Campbell Medway VC
26 David Fowler Deal Tri Ltd
27 Justin Larinileve Redhill CC
28 James Fosbury Rye & District Wheelers
29 Michael Maxwell Rye & District Wheelers
30 Ian Vagg 4T+ Velo Club
31 Ivan Jorden Elitecycling
32 James Barlow Iceni Velo
33 Michael Greenshields London Dynamo
34 Rob Milnes Thanet RC Race Team
35 Robert Smart Adalta Cycling Club
36 Paul Butler PB Cycle Coaching Racing Team
37 Steven Sinsson PBCCRT
38 Jacob Nicholson TBW Bottecchia
39 Lee Mills Adalta Cycling Club
40 Joshua Clark Rye & District Wheelers
41 Edward Bird Ciclos Uno
42 Alastair Clifford Thanet RC
43 Scott Meeks Thanet RC Race Team
DNF Mark Stockley Adalta Cycling Club
DNF Jack Finch PMR@Toachim House
Thanet RC / SPC Women 2-3-4 event (3rd April 2016)
WOMEN 2-3-4 Race
Position Name Club / Team Name
1 Freya Rawlins Adalta CC
2 Jiff Cliff GS Invicta
3 Jody Coxon Adalta CC
4 Alicia Clifford Adalta CC
5 Nicola Goodban Thanet RC
6 Caroline Rigby Thanet RC
7 Sally Smith Medway Velo
Thanet RC / SPC Youth events (3rd April 2016)
Under 8 Girls
Position Name Club / Team Name
1 Anna Lloyd Lee Valley Youth CC
2 Poppy Dunton Wigmore CC
3 Caris Hart Thanet RC
4 Grace Philpott Thanet RC
Under 8 Boys
Position Name Club / Team Name
1 Milo Wills NC
2 Luke Hart Thanet RC
3 Ben Hutton Thanet RC
Under 10 Girls
Position Name Club / Team Name
1 Carys Lloyd Lee Valley Youth CC
2 Ferne Peirce Thanet RC
3 Millie Dack Thanet RC
4 Kerys Baker Team Darenth
Under 10 Boys
Position Name Club / Team Name
1 Alex Dack Thanet RC
2 Max Robinson Thanet RC
3 Lughaidh Cook Thanet RC
4 Alfie Cullendor Barking and Dagenham
5 Thomas Crow-Brown Thanet RC
Under 12 Girls
Position Name Club / Team Name
1 Jasmine Cornelius Barking and Dagenham
2 Freya Cook Thanet RC
Under 12 Boys
Position Name Club / Team Name
1 Daniel Lloyd Lee Valley Youth CC
2 Finn Dunton Thanet RC
3 Tom Hutton Thanet RC
4 Charle Hart Thanet RC
Under 14 Girls
Position Name Club / Team Name
1 Rosie Dias Barking and Dagenham
2 Ella Baker 4T+ Velo Club
Under 14 Boys
Position Name Club / Team Name
1 Ritchie Selfie Lee Valley Youth CC
2 Lance Childs Thanet RC
3 Flynn Robinson Thanet RC
4 George Pittock Thanet RC
5 Lloyd Costello Preston Park Youth CC
6 Nate Oldfield 4T+ Velo Club
7 Jack Hill Thanet RC
Under 16 Girls
Position Name Club / Team Name
1 Megan Panton Woolwich CC
2 Hannah Graveney Kent Velo Kids
3 Molly Konchesky Barking and Dagenham
Under 16 Boys
Position Name Club / Team Name
1 Liam Hanks Barking and Dagenham
2 Simon Bird Lee Valley Youth CC
3 Ben Selfe Lee Valley Youth CC
4 Toby Perry Thanet RC
5 Joshua Chivilo Thanet RC
6 Alex Ashman Thanet RC
7 Charlie Burgess Thanet RC
8 Finlay Perry NC
9 Luke Kingsland VC Deal
10 George Bussey Thanet RC