Good number of Thanet RC riders took part in the final PMR Thursday night TT last night on the fast Q10/1 Hamstreet course.

Well done to those that recorded PBs including Bill Hawkes and Ollie Robinson with a new Thanet RC junior 10 record of 22:14. Also many congratulations to Chris Fennell for winning last night with 19:19 and also winning the series.

Many thanks to Tom Morton and his team for putting on this series of events

Post by Colin Robinson

No Name Club / Team Time
1 Christopher Fennell Thanet RC 0:19:19
5 Bill Hawkes Thanet RC 0:20:47
9 Oliver Robinson Thanet RC 0:21:14
12 Nicholas Fennell Thanet RC 0:21:35
13 Simon Henderson Thanet RC 0:21:39
15 Rick Perkins Thanet RC 0:21:50
17 Huck Garip Thant RC 0:22:00
23 Colin Robinson Thanet RC 0:23:06
24 Martin Russell Thanet RC 0:23:19
30 Nicola Goodban Thanet RC 0:24:17
32 Paul Kelk Thanet RC 0:25:01
33 Dave Mastin Thanet RC 0:25:10
37 Colin Inett Thanet RC 0:26:19
40 Andy McCall Thanet RC 0:26:34
44 Jennifer Fearn Thanet RC 0:31:05