With Dave and Andy on their annual boating holiday the back up team took on TT responsibilities this week and the weather when we arrived at BCP was awful, however by 6pm the wind dropped and the sun came out rewarding the brave riders that signed on. Interestingly we had 7 juniors and 4 adults showing our TRC juniors are much tougher than the adults!
Times are attached below and thanks to the large band of helpers on the night
-Michael Friend
-Jenny Fearn
-Terry Fearn
-Paul Griffiths
-Charlie Burgess
-Chris Bax
-Peter Hutton

Position Name Club Time
1 Matt Hall TRC 24.03
2 Steve Perriss TRC 25.03
3 Adrian Butcher TRC 25.23
4 Andrew Morrell TRC 28.40
Position Name Club Time
1 George Bussey TRC 27.01
2 Tom Hutton TRC 27.30
3 Catherine Morrell TRC 28.11 Club Age Record
4 Sam Newton No club 30.07
5 Max Robinson TRC 31.01
6 Tallulah Butcher TRC 31.56
7 Ben Hutton TBC 33.24