Sunday 30th October – KCA Reliability Trial for the Rootes Trophy

This trophy is awarded to the club with the highest number of points (based on);

Distance Points

50km 1

100km 2

100miles 4

TRC was very narrowly beaten into second place by San Fairy Ann last year and we would very much like to win it back.

Starting point is again Potters Corner, A20 near Ashford.

The club will pay all members entry fees (£3 per rider)

Please let Michael Friend know which distance you would like to ride as he is assembling the rider teams as groups of 10-14 are typical.

There are a lot of riders who could easily do the 100 miles who usually do the 100km … this year it is time to step up to the challenge and do the 100 mile; it would double your contribution to the points.

Start times will not be known until the week before the ride.



text messages to 07921 491658