Posted by Jim Dickson, Secretary

Dear Members,

I am sorry to say that the Rule Book has gone out with a couple of errors that I now correct. The updated version should be available on the website soon. In the mean time I include the amendments below. Last year we did a lot of hard work and made some significant administrative changes required to make us a Community Amateur Sports Club and thus eligible for the Club Mark renewal. I got very focussed on getting these changes correct and missed the detail on the cycling competitions. I regret any misunderstandings that have resulted.

Following last year’s membership TT survey, which was discussed and endorsed at the AGM, we amended the schedule to include a series of three 25 mile TTs within the Wednesday evening club TTs. This, of course, reduces the number of 10s available for the Points Competition (formerly based on 18 events) and thus new wording of this rule was required. Michael Friend (TT Sec) suggested a very sensible formula for the number of qualifying events to be two less than the number of club 10s in the season, thus making the rules of this competition adaptable to any yearly change in the programme. We introduced a new paragraph into the rules and then, accidently, omitted the Race Team exclusion to this event. The error was not picked up when I sent the draft rules out for checking and then got incorporated in hard copy. The error was not intentional and neither Michael or myself are members of the Race Team. We regret any misunderstanding which have resulted.

I also regret that the introduction of a 25 into the Ladies championship, also agreed at the AGM, did not make it into the hard copy version.

So, rewritten Rules are now:

7. Ladies Championship: Best average speed by a female from three 10 mile rides and one 25 mile ride in the season.

20. Points Competition: Based solely on club evening 10 mile time trials. Points are awarded on a sliding scale for the greatest improvement on the preceding ride for a riders best "e-2" events minus any events cancelled. Juniors/Juveniles who are eligible and want to ride on the Thanet Way can declare to the time trials secretary at the beginning of the season their intention to compete in either the senior or junior points competition. (e = total number events in this year’s calendar). TRC race team members are excluded.

Please do let me know if there is anything else that doesn’t look right.

Best wishes.

Jim Dickson.