Posted by Jim Dickson, Secretary.

Dear Members

It is proving a busy and successful season for the club and we can all be justly proud of the club activities in a wide variety time trials, road races and youth events. The Committee has be active pursuing sponsorship and funding opportunities to help us run these events and know that local businesses have much to gain by being associated with our club.

Members will wear club kit with pride and understand that their high standards and considerate behaviour on the roads does much to promote the club within the community. The club kit makes us very visible and it is important that we all act to preserve and enhance the club’s good name, as well as that of our sponsors and supporters.

Members should all be aware of the ride guidelines which are published on the club website: .

Members will know and agree that,

“When riding, first and foremost you must at all times comply with the Highway Code and more than that, you must ride with courtesy and respect for other road users.”

Best wishes,

Jim Dickson.

Secretary Thanet Road Club