8 TRC members ventured out for the first of a series of four 10 mile open time trials on the increasingly popular Q10/1 course on Hamstreet bypass

From the surprisingly small field there was some disappointment as it became apparent the course would be shortened due to roadwork’s on the Bridgefield to Cloverleaf leg.

The event was run in warm, dry, sunny conditions with a keen breeze pushing you to the turn at Bridgefield RAB and providing a challenge on the return leg to Hamstreet.

There were some reasonable times with Chris Fennell (PMR@ToachimHouse) taking the honours with a 16:41 – great ride.

Thanks to Tom Morton and the team for organising the series.

TRC times (start order) (8.4 miles)

My interpretation of results board

Simon Henderson 18:19

Colin Inett 22:09

Chris Bax (2ndC) 19:12

Gary Harrison (2ndC) 20:25

Andy McCall 21:37

Andy Burrows 21:28

Chris Fennell (2ndC) 16:41

Rick Perkins 19:03

Simon Henderson (TT sec)