The final round of the PMR series of evening 10 mile time trials was held in warm and breezy conditions on the A2070 Hamstreet course. There were a number of club riders taking part, but unfortunately, Paul Kelk broke his chain before the start and so he was a DNS.

This week, Pete Tadros was fastest with 20.12, beating second claim member Chris Fennell by just 2 seconds. This was the same margin that Chris beat Pete by last week. Second claim member Jon Parker was next in third place.

Club times in starting order:
Martin Russell: 23.41
Gary Harrison (2nd): 24.13
Andy McCall: 25.52
Dave Mastin: 25.25
Chris Bax (2nd); 24.10
Colin Inett: 26.00
Simon Henderson: 21.44
Chris Fennell (2nd): 20.14
Andy Burrows: 25.43
Jon Parker (2nd): 20.44

Report posted by Dave Mastin