Thanet RC Youth Rider Meadhbh Cook Raises over £800 for Nepal Earthquake Appeal.
On Friday 22nd May Meadhbh rode for 12 hours round the road circuit at Fowlmead Country Park, covering an amazing 161.8 miles as recorded on her Garmin. Thanet RC members have been very generous with their sponsorship, and special mention must go to those riders that also were able to ride round with her and keep her company and give encouragement. First up in the morning on a sunny, dry day was Colin Innet, followed through the day by Nicola Goodban, Dave Mastin, Malcolm??, Michael Friend and for the last hour, Steve Langman. Meadhbh averaged almost 13.5 miles an hour inclusive of stops, and the last hour was ground out at nearly 17 mph in order to break through her target of 160 miles. Meadhbh is very grateful for all of the support from the Thanet and Adalta club members and is now minded to consider giving the KCA 12 hour in September a go