A number of club members set their alarms early for the trip to Brenzett to ride the Kent CA 50 mile time trial. The conditions were sunny and with a fairly light northerly breeze.

Second claim member Jon Parker was the fastest with 1.47.13, just a little off the course record.

Club times in starting order:-

Andy McCall – 2.26.35
Simon Henderson – 1.58.26 (9th)
Paul Kelk – 2.24.24
Jon Parker. – 1.47.13 (1st)
Jim Dickson – 2.17.10 (time lost with a loose seat post clamp) Huck Garip – 2.00.13
Dave Mastin – 2.17.47
Chris Bax (2nd claim) – 2.09.56
Andy Burrows – 2.21.42

Report by Dave Mastin