A large number of club members were out for the KCA 25 mile time trial held on the Thanet Way course between St Nicholas and Broomfield. Apart from the riders, the club also had quite a few members assisting with the marshalling, pushing off and time keeping. The weather was cool with a stiff north easterly wind making the return legs to St Nicholas a bit of a struggle.

It was a successful morning for several riders who recorded PB’s. These included Ollie Robinson and Olly Dickson, fresh (???) from their rides in the GHS finals the day before. Other riders with PB’s were Gary Russell, Chris Childs and Paul Kelk. Olly D and Ollie R were first and second in the juvenile category, and Ollie D also got one of the best improvers prizes. We think that Colin Robinson, in spite of being beaten over 25 miles for the first time by son Ollie, may have also qualified for an improvers prize as well. Riding her first 25 for a number of year was Jenny Fearn.

Times, in start order:
Jenny Fearn: 1.24.56
Gary Harrison (2nd claim): 1.03.55
Paul Griffiths: 1.14.52
Chris Bax (2nd claim): 1.02.04
Gary Russell: 1.03.11 (PB)
Chris Childs: 1.07.59 (PB)
Dave Mastin:1.07.54
Jim Dickson: 1.04.08
Martin Russell: 1.05.36
Colin Robinson: 1.03.27 (3 seasons PB)
Seb Dickson: 57.35
Ollie Robinson: 1.03.25 (PB)
Olly Dickson: 1.03.03 (PB)
Paul Kelk: 1.04.24 (PB)

Nick Malins of 4T Velo was fastest with 56.01.

Report by Dave Mastin