Please note – anyone not listed below who is down to ride please contact me as soon as possible 07921 491 658

If you have already informed me you cannot ride then this is fine.

Let’s hope for good weather and a big turnout. We need everyone listed below to ride if at all possible.

Here are the groups for 100K & 50K. Please arrive in good time to park (which is a bit of a pain) as groups will need to get away promptly.

100K 8:35 Start
Colin Robinson, Paul Hayward, Rob Edmonson, Mark Ball, Max Robinson, Robert Sissons, Karen Barker, George Bussey, Charlie Burgess, Emma Davis, Brian Hood, Finn Dunton, Chris Dunton, Kimberley Cogger, Paul Griffiths, Graeme Barlett, Sue Shields

100K 8:40 Start
Simon Charles, Tim Greenaway, Martin Russell, Tony Keneally, Michael Friend, Tony Morris, Jeremy Edwards, Steve Monnery, Jason Wares, Jim Dickson, Paul Bugg

100K 8:45 Start
Brett Dennis, Jo Smith, Rob Milnes, Dave Weatheral, James Allen, Matt Hall, Nick Scott, James Ogilvie, Graham Dorkins, Ashley Smith

50K 9:00 Start
David Tulett, Annie Davis, Catherine Morrell, Andrew Morrell, Diana Yemm, Tim Yemm, Toby Yemm, Faye Faiers, Helen Hill, Mick Bussey, Dougie Tullet, Bob Tullet, James Beaty, Leslie Groves

Post code for the start SatNav – TN25 4NR

Michael Friend

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