Below are the 2 club groups of riders who have nominated to ride the KCA 100 mile reliability trial this coming Sunday. The start point is Potters Corner on the A20, just outside Ashford.

07:10 Group
Nigel Derrett, Mark Cooper, Breda Pooke, Dave Mastin, Mick Rendell, Alan Robinson, Oliver Robinson, Rob Norman, Frank Flint, Adam Morgan, Shawn Manning, Ollie Robinson, Jack Hill, Luke Hill, Josh Chivilo, George Pittock, Alex Ashman, Lee Mills, and Alex Fagcang.

07:15 Group
Martin Hendy, Colin Inett, Michael Kelleher, Abby Langley, John Sepple, Ian Bookless, David Kenning, Paul Kirkness, Bill Kirkness, Matt Seward, Scott Meeks, Rick Perkins, Mark Ritchie, Mike Kirkness, Lawrence Martin, Del Roberts, Nick Foster, Scott Jordan, Toby Hammond.

I will take the cards for both groups to the start. As both groups are rather large (19 riders), it might be wise to split each group into 2 once underway.

Attached is a PDF document of all 3 routes. I also have a few hard copies which I will bring along.

Please Note: Michael Friend has the cards for the 100km and 50 km groups and will be posting details separately.

Dave Mastin.

KCA Reliability ride route Ashford Start 100m 100km 50km306.pdf