The KCA Reliability Ride this year will be as below on Sunday 29th Oct.

Thanet lost the cup to SFA last year and we really should win it back in our celebratory 70th year.

Therefore please let me know which distance you want to ride.

I will collate all the entries and the club will pay the entry fee £3.75 per rider.

Please encourage EVERYONE in the club to ride. If we rode the shortest distance we will likely win by a long way!

KCA Reliability Trial

50km, 100km, 100miles

Sunday 29th October

The Rootes Trophy to be awarded to the club with the highest number of points

Distance Points

50km 1

100km 2

100miles 4

Starting places;

Collier Street & Potters Corner A20 for the 50km & 100km

Potters Corner A20 for 100miles

Time Options;

100miles – 7 hrs

100km – 5 hrs

50km – 3 hrs

Course details and check cards will be sent to me in the week before the start

Closing date for all entries is October 10th 2017


07921 491 658

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