A number of club first and second claim members took part in Gravesend CC’s annual 25 mile time trial on the Chilham course. For several of the riders, it was their third wet event in a week! In places, the roads were awash, in others almost dry.
Times in starting order:
Chris Bax (2nd): 1.02.11
Garry Harrison (2nd): 1.03.11
Spencer Wood (2nd): 1.00.54
Andy Burrows: 1.08.18
Seb Dickson: 59.38
Jim Dickson: 1.03.27 (PB?)
Dave Mastin: DNF – puncture after almost 20 miles!
Simon Henderson: 57.08
Paul Griffiths: 1.11.34 (PB)
Rick Perkins: 1.00.06

Report by Dave Mastin